New products from Glycon Biochemicals!

Since March 2020, Glycon has been working on a new class of reagents for protein extraction into lipid-bilayer nanodiscs. As a supplement to the existing and very successful products n-dodecyl ß-maltoside (DDM) and 4-trans-(4-trans-n-propylcyclohexyl)-cyclohexyl α-maltoside (t-PCCaM), Glycon is very proud to offer new reagents based on DIBMA (diisobutylene/maleic acid copolymer) that enable the gentle extraction of membrane proteins to form lipid-bilayer nanodiscs.1,2 In particular, Glycon is offering a new glycopolymer (Glyco-DIBMA) with improved protein-extraction efficiency that gives rise to smaller and more homogenous nanodiscs.3

Order No. Description Unit Size Price
D-20054 DIBMA free acid(1,2) 5g 140€
D-20054 DIBMA free acid(1,2) 25g 550€
D-20054 DIBMA free acid(1,2) 50g 1050€

Order No. Description Unit Size Price
D-20055 DIBMA monosodium salt(1,2) 5g 140€
D-20055 DIBMA monosodium salt(1,2) 25g 550€
D-20055 DIBMA monosodium salt(1,2) 50g 1050€

Order No. Description Unit Size Price
D-20056 Glyco-DIBMA(3) 5g 154€
D-20056 Glyco-DIBMA(3) 25g 600€
D-20056 Glyco-DIBMA(3) 50g 1150€

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(2) Oluwole, A.O.; Klingler, J.; Danielczak, B.; Babalola, J.O.; Vargas, C.; Pabst, G.; Keller, S. Formation of Lipid-Bilayer Nanodiscs by Diisobutylene/Maleic Acid (DIBMA) Copolymer. Langmuir 2017, 33, 14378–14388.
(3) Danielczak, B., Rasche, M., Lenz, J., Pérez Patallo, E., Weyrauch, S., Mahler, F., Agbadaola, M.T., Meister, A., Babalola, J.O., Vargas, C., Kolar, C., Keller, S. A Bioinspired Glycopolymer for Capturing Membrane Proteins in Native-Like Lipid-Bilayer Nanodiscs, bioRxiv 2021.03.31.437849; doi:

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